New England Showcasters

Live Streaming services for MA, CT, RI and beyond.

Your Event Should Be Online

Concert, wedding, conference, meeting, auction, theater….manage the reach of your event. Make it as public or private as you like, but make it easy for your audience to find with New England Showcasters.

Audio, Video, Lighting

Hand us your audio and video lines, and we’ll get your event online. Or, let us handle every aspect of your event’s AV production. Whatever you need, we can handle it.

Live Streaming

We specialize in live streaming of private events where password or invitation access is desired. But if you want your event open to the public, no problem! There is no limit on simultaneous viewers.

Concert-Quality Sound

Custom Screen Layouts

Remote Guests

Ready To Stream?

Call or Text us at 413-302-1954. We’ll get your details and set you up with pricing options. Streaming services start at $500.

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